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Renewable Energy Integration

Customize Renewable Energy Integration
Renewable Energy Integration: Units 1-3 - Overview of Renewable Generation Technology   + £0.00
Renewable Energy Integration: Unit 4 – Power Systems and Main Components   + £0.00
Renewable Energy Integration: Unit 5 – Induction Machines and Synchronous Generators   + £0.00
Renewable Energy Integration: Unit 6 – Operation Modes and Power Quality Issues   + £0.00
Renewable Energy Integration: Unit 7 – Renewable Control Systems and Local Controllers   + £0.00
Renewable Energy Integration: Unit 8 – Operation and Control Systems   + £0.00
Renewable Energy Integration: Unit 9 – Renewables and Conventional Synchronous Generation   + £0.00
Renewable Energy Integration: Units 10-11 – Power Electronics Equipment   + £0.00
Renewable Energy Integration Unit 12 – Influence of Wind Generation on Dynamic Performance   + £0.00
Renewable Energy Integration: Unit 13 – Different Designs in the Renewables Site   + £0.00
Renewable Energy Integration: Units 14-15 – Economics of Renewables   + £0.00
Renewable Energy Integration – Final Assessment   + £0.00

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Renewable Energy Integration

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In stock

16 Hours
Course overview

This online course introduces the learner to renewable energy generation technologies and sets them into the context of modern power systems with conventional generators. Modern power systems and the control and operation of synchronous generators are examined including the unconventional electrical generators and/or power electronics often employed by renewable energy technologies.

The course looks at the effects of introducing these types of generation on dynamic performance of power systems. The cost of energy of different technologies used at renewable energy sites and typical project costs are covered, including tax credits and feed-in tariffs. The course also examines different designs of the electrical systems in these plants and presents an overview of the relevant S&C products.

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Further Information
More Information
Level Technical
Partner Details The University of Strathclyde is 1st in Scotland and 3rd in the UK for research quality. The Wind Energy & Control group at the University is an international leader in wind energy and the control of wind turbines and wind farms. The group is also one of the leading and largest power systems and energy technology university research groups in Europe.
Type Course
What you will learn
By the end of this course learners will be able to:

• Understand and describe renewable energy technologies
• Describe the general structure of a modern power system and list typical components
• Explain the fundamental aspects of power system operation; explain voltage and frequency characteristics
• Explain the basics of synchronous generators, induction generators and transformers
• Describe the concepts of power quality and reliability of the power supply
• Discuss operation and control of conventional generation and its role in power systems
• Familiarise with the influence of excitation and governor control in large synchronous machines
• Describe characteristics of hydro, steam, gas, solar, wave tidal and wind turbines and their grid reference
• Discuss the use of power electronic equipment in electronic power networks
• Understand the impact of variable energy sources such as solar and wind on power network dynamics
• Discuss fundamental concepts of economics of renewable energy sources
• Identify designs and solutions used inside a renewable site
Who should learn
This course is aimed at graduates through to senior engineers with some knowledge of electrical power engineering who want to increase their understanding of the drivers and challenges of connecting renewable energy generation to electricity networks.
Units included in this course