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ISO 56002 Innovation Management

Customize ISO 56002 Innovation Management
ISO 56002 Innovation Management Systems Unit 1: Introduction and Standards   + £0.00
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ISO 56002 Innovation Management Unit 3: Understanding Your Organisation   + £0.00
ISO 56002 Innovation Management Unit 4: Leadership and Strategy   + £0.00
ISO 56002 Innovation Management Unit 5: Building Innovation Systems   + £0.00
ISO 56002 Innovation Management Unit 6-7: Support Structures   + £0.00
ISO 56002 Innovation Management Unit 8: Delivering Innovation to Users   + £0.00
ISO 56002 Innovation Management Unit 9: Performance Evaluation and Monitoring   + £0.00
ISO 56002 Innovation Management Unit 10: Continuous Improvement   + £0.00
ISO 56002 Innovation Management Unit 11: Final Assessment   + £0.00

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ISO 56002 Innovation Management

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In stock

11 Hours
Course overview

This course covers the necessary and practical steps required to implement ISO 56002:2019 in innovation management and explains how best to build an innovation management system. This course provides guidance for the establishment, implementation, maintenance, and continual improvement of an innovation management system for use in all established organisations.

There is evidence that organisations that evolve a framework for long-term innovation react faster to threats or surprises, are more likely to take effective action, and are better at sustaining the momentum of change. As such, they are more likely to succeed. Innovation is critical to sustaining customer satisfaction over the longer term, and considerable skill is required to design quality into products, services and processes. Effective standards help organisations reach those skill levels.

After completing this course, you will have acquired the necessary knowledge to lead the work to make your organisation compliant with this ISO standard.

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“This is an interesting and well-packaged course which systematically explores the themes around ISO 56002 and offers extensive guidance about how to work with the standard.” – John Bessant.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was extremely well-structured and the content was very well curated and written, coherent, clear and easy-to-understand.” – Alicia Lindkvist, Tetra Pak.

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Partner Details

Eicorn is a global consultancy based in Sweden and the UK. Eicorn is on a mission to redefine innovation thinking and practice. It is pioneering evidence-based innovation practices to build world-class innovation capabilities for big corporations. Eicorn helps companies by creating and realising unique and defendable future revenue-streams. The vehicles to future revenues that Eicorn helps establish are called innovation programs. Such innovation programs can be:

  • An innovation department within a company.
  • An ambidextrous organisational design (usually a semi-autonomous innovation-arm of the firm).
  • A corporate incubator or accelerator for internal or external ideas.
  • A shared innovation hub with industry peers, academia or other partners.
  • A co-creation program with clients, suppliers, students or start-ups.
  • A corporate venture investment program (investing in start-ups).

The course writers are:

David JW Bailey - is a chartered accountant and innovation consultant with over 20 years’ experience in SME technology enabled businesses at the cutting edge of digital media and software development. David has been “fast building” innovation centric SME business for the last 10 years with founding teams. He brings a deep focus on the interaction of innovation processes with financial resources and outcomes.

Jenny Hammarberg - is the CEO at Eicorn with more than a decade of experience as a Management Consultant. She has great experience from establishing and developing innovation management programs, strategy, business development and change management. Jenny’s primarily expertise lies within the areas of leading corporate transformation, and especially the type driven by innovation.

Daniel Borg - is Head of Scientific Process at Eicorn with several years of experience in management consulting and from building and leading complex innovation programs. He is responsible for the development of Eicorn's evidence-based framework for world class innovation, a framework that has been proven to make innovation work in the corporate context. Daniels primary expertise is how to build ambidextrous organisations and complex decision-making.

Type Course
What you will learn
• Have the expertise to improve the performance of any innovation project.
• Be super-charged with tools and methods to put your learnings into practice.
• Be able to use the ISO 56002 framework to know where and how to start boosting your innovation results.
• Have acquired a language to make management lean forward, pay attention and commit to innovation.
• See your credibility and authority increase with the evidence that you know your way around innovation.

Who should learn
The course is written to be of most use to managers who have a direct role in innovation and in improving the systems and management of innovation in their organisation and who have an interest in increasing the benefits gained from innovation.

The course will be of benefit to anyone in any organisation at any scale, whether public or private, that wishes to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve an innovation management system for any service, product, method, technology or design. This includes:

• Anyone who is involved in innovation in a leadership or management role.
• Those who wish to assess or take confidence in any innovation management system.
• Those involved in creating policy or support for innovation.
• Anyone with an interest in training or consulting to organisations involved in innovation.
• Those who wish to understand their role in the management of innovation.
Units included in this course