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Introduction to Railway Safety

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Railway Safety - Introductory Unit   + £0.00
Railway Safety - Unit 1: What is Safety?   + £0.00
Railway Safety - Unit 2: What is Risk?   + £0.00
Railway Safety - Unit 3: Failure Statistics and Risk Triplet   + £0.00
Railway Safety - Unit 4: Consequences and Risk Triplet   + £0.00
Railway Safety - Unit 5: Railway Risks   + £0.00
Railway Safety - Unit 6: Risk Tolerability and ALARP   + £0.00
Railway Safety - Unit 7: Barrierology   + £0.00
Railway Safety - Unit 8: Introduction to Safety Management   + £0.00
Railway Safety - Unit 9: Railway Safety Strategies in Great Britain   + £0.00
Railway Safety - Unit 10: Signalling and Railway Accidents   + £0.00
Railway Safety - Unit 11: Basic Elements of Accident Investigation   + £0.00
Railway Safety - Unit 12: Finding Causes of Accidents   + £0.00
Railway Safety - Unit 13: Understanding Causes   + £0.00
Railway Safety - Unit 14: Procedures for Technical Safety Delivery   + £0.00
Railway Safety - Unit 15: Risk Analysis for Delivering Technical Safety   + £0.00
Railway Safety - Unit 16: Safe Working   + £0.00
Railway Safety - Unit 17: The Human Operator   + £0.00
Railway Safety - Unit 18: Safety Culture   + £0.00
Railway Safety - Unit 19: Final Assessment   + £0.00

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Introduction to Railway Safety

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In stock

20 Hours
Course overview

This course focuses on the basic elements of risk analysis, accident investigation and safety management for the railways. The course starts off with a discussion of the foundational issues in safety and risk management and supplements it with basic risk analysis techniques for the railways, allowing learners to gain a deepened understanding of the mechanics of safety and risk management.

A significant amount of time is dedicated to accident investigations and accident reports because they provide key insights into the problems, solutions and management of safety. The delivery of safety is treated through railway safety regulations and management. Finally, the course discusses the keystone of successful implementation through safety management systems for the railways.

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Further Information
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Level Technical
Partner Details Coen van Gulijk is a professor of railway safety and risk at the University of Huddersfield. Coen works on the IT transformation of Safety Management Systems and Risk Analysis for the GB railways. He has worked in safety for over 15 years, focusing on the practical implementation of theoretical safety and risk concepts for several industries including: chemical risk modeling, air-transport security, group-risk decision making, safety management systems and patient safety. He was involved with several MSc programs for safety at the University of Huddersfield, TU Delft and the University of Antwerp.
Type Course
What you will learn
By the end of this course, you will:

• Relate practical safety barriers, findings in reports and risk analysis to abstract safety management frameworks
• Evaluate and perform basic risk analysis for the UK rail network
• Extract key points from safety reports and accident investigation reports
• Gain insight into the mechanics of safety delivery on the railways
Who should learn
This course is for graduates or those with three or more years of experience in the railway industry or other engineering disciplines with an affinity with the railway industry:

- Junior and medior railway engineers in Train Operation Companies/Freight Operation Companies/Infrastructure Managers/Railway Supply Chain (TOC/FOC/IM/RDG)
- Junior and medior railway safety personnel (TOC/FOC/IM/RDG)
- Medior and senior managers in the railway industry
- Senior lawyers in the railway industry wanting to understand safety engineering principles
- Technical railway engineering students around the world
- Medior management in railway organisations
- Junior consultants in railway engineering
Units included in this course