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Introduction to HV Earthing & Bonding Unit 3: The Electrode

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1 Hour
Unit overview

Based on previous units it should be starting to come clear now that planet earth has a vital role in providing one of the key possible return paths a fault can take when returning back to its source. In this unit, we dive deeper into the structural analysis of geology, including what can influence its electrical properties and therefore have a direct impact on earthing design and safety.

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Level Technical
Partner Details Ian Griffiths Having seen what High Voltage (HV) can do to a person in 2012, Ian is committed to dedicating the rest of his working like to save at least one life. To that end, Ian helps design engineers, project leaders, and technical directors globally with their HV Electrical System and critical infrastructure design. Ian helps to intelligently protect life from the harmful effects of High Voltage, including Lightning. “I’m privileged to partner with enterprises small and large; from organisations with revenues of £2m to £5bn. However, my measure of success is the number of lives that my work can potentially protect and save!” Ian is an experienced director, Chartered Engineer and Consultant of 25+years.
Type Unit
What you will learn
• Understand the pivotal role geology plays in the earthing design workflow
• Understand what Soil Conduction is
• Understand what factors influence soil conduction
• Discover how the geology is characterised and modelled
• Discover how the electrical properties are measured
Who should learn
Undergraduate students, field technicians, electricians, electrical engineers, testing engineers, supervisors, lightning protection engineers, project managers, commissioning engineers, consultant engineers (as a refresh).