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Introduction to 5G Network Engineering - Unit 5: 5G New Radio – Physical Principles

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Unit overview

The physical principles of the 5G NR build on those of 4G E-UTRA in order to support a much more flexible system. In this unit, modulation and OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Multiple Access) are reviewed, before the specifics of the 5G NR are set out, including the adjustable subcarrier spacing and “numerologies”, an additional protocol introduced into the air interface protocol stack, the physical layer architecture, and 5G frequency bands.

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Level Technical
Partner Details Wray Castle is the leading provider of training in the telecommunications industry. They provide training on telecommunication technologies across the industry sectors and on a global scale, including mobile and fixed network operators such as EE, O2, Three and BT, as well as transport, defence, energy and emergency services.
Type Unit
What you will learn
At the end of this unit, you will be able to:

• List and briefly describe the key foundational principles for the 5G New Radio
• Discuss the ways in which sub-carrier spacing can be optimised to balance inter-symbol interference and doppler effects at different frequencies and for different radio environments (including cell size)
• Draw a simple diagram to illustrate both the Physical Layer architecture and the Air Interface Protocol stack
• Relate the 5G frequency bands to the standardised OFDM numerologies
Who should learn
This course is intended for engineers and managers new to, or already working in, mobile communications with a focus on 5G. It would also appeal to those looking to gain a head-start on 5G for future projects, or to remain at the forefront of developments in the field of telecoms.