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About e-learning and the IET Academy

What is e-learning?

E-learning through the IET Academy involves online training courses using interactive content that you follow at your own pace. Courses or course units can be completed at any time, wherever you are, to best suit your schedule.

How is e-learning different from an e-class?

E-learning provides training content that you follow individually as it suits you. Whereas e-classes will usually be scheduled to a time and date, and led by a tutor, e-learning takes a more flexible approach, allowing you to undertake your training in bite-sized segments, or units, at any time.

How is e-learning different from a webinar?

Although webinars can often be watched on demand after their initial broadcast, they are essentially a presentation, used to inform, rather than teach, and with little interaction outside of a Q&A. E-learning courses use different types of content to provide an interactive learning experience, designed to teach complex or technical topics.

Why should I choose e-learning over in-person training?

With e-learning, you have full control over which courses you take, and when. You don’t have to wait for an available class to fit into your schedule, and your training isn’t disrupted by events outside of your control, such as a pandemic! You can still focus on career development, preparing you for new opportunities when they arise.

Is the IET Academy just for IET members?

Not at all! Although IET members get 25% off individual courses and units, our courses are available to anybody, you do not need to become a member to learn with the IET Academy.

Do the courses count towards my CPD?

Yes, all IET Academy courses count towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD), helping you advance in your career. You will also receive an IET Certificate of Completion at the end of your course as evidence of your achievement.

How do I test I’ve understood everything from my e-learning course?

Each of our courses include mini tests throughout, as well as a final assessment at the end to help you to ensure that your learning is fully embedded. You can go back over each unit as many times as you need to make sure that you are confident with what you have learned.

Can I try a course to see how e-learning works?

Yes! Each course has a short module that you can try for free to introduce the content and learning style. Just click on the ‘Try for free’ button next to any published course on the website.

When can I start the course?

The course will be available to you within 24 hours of purchase.

On average how long will it take me to do the course?

The length of each course varies, and we know it’s important to learn at your own pace. You can find the CPD hours for your specific course on the corresponding page on our website.

Can my company pay for the course on my behalf?

Yes, please contact for more information

I manage a team of engineers and would like them all to take a course. Do they each have to buy it separately?

No. All of our courses and course units can be purchased with a multi-user licence bespoke to the number of people you need it for. Teams and departments can all access the training and you can keep track of how it’s going via your own admin dashboard. You even get a chat function for your users to make the training a more sociable experience. Talk to our team about multi-user discounts and arrange a demo of free trial for your business.

How can you help simulate some of the group learning benefits missed from not attending a classroom course?

Teams can be set up in a designated virtual classroom where they can share ideas, discuss training topics and support each other throughout their time on the course. We’ve found this helps immensely with team engagement.

How can you help engage the team to ensure that everyone completes the training?

The IET Academy team can help with learner engagement. We send regular notifications to learners to help prompt them to complete their training. We can also set management/L&D personnel up as facilitators to the training so that they have access to dashboards, reports etc. and can monitor the learning.

Online shop

How do I log in / set up an account?

To purchase a course and start your online learning you need an IET website account. You will be directed to the IET Login page where you will be asked for your IET Account Username and Password. Once logged in, you will automatically be directed back to the IET Academy.

Create an IET website account

Forgotten login details?

IET Account FAQ

Please email if you have any problems logging in or creating an IET website account.

Having difficulty logging into your IET Account?

Try clearing your internet browser’s cache and cookies (Ctrl/F5, or in the settings section of your browser) and re-try.

Is there a discount for IET Members?

Yes, if you are a current IET Member your discounted price will appear once you are logged in.

What is an IET Academy course?

Our online courses cover a range of technical subjects and professional skills. They range up to 30 hours long and can be purchased in full or in single-hour units depending on your learning needs.

Course material is reviewed regularly and updated as and when required to ensure it reflects the most up-to-date content.

How do I find the right course?

Find all our courses from the home page search bar or by category from the ‘Courses’ drop-down menu.

To help you decide if the course is right for you, each course page displays the course highlights, learning outcomes, unit titles and any knowledge prerequisites, as well as the course length (in hours).

How do I buy a course or unit?

Once you’ve found the course/unit(s) you wish to study, add them to your shopping basket.

It is also possible to pre-order courses ahead of their launch date. 

In order to progress your order you need to have an IET Website account and be logged in. Anyone can register for an account.

Create an IET Website account

For all corporate purchases please email with your enquiry and contact details or complete our enquiry form.

How do I demonstrate my CPD hours?

For IET Members, learning through the IET Academy contributes to your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) under the IET’s monitoring scheme. On completion of a course/unit, you can print off your own IET Academy Certificate as evidence of your achievement.

If you use the IET’s Career Manager to record your CPD hours, you can log your completed course/unit hours and content straight into Career Manager through a direct link on the Academy platform.

Accessing e-learning

How do I access The IET Academy from my computer?

You can access The IET Academy directly from:

For individual learners, log in using your MyIET username and password.

Corporate users should log in using their username and password as provided.

How do I access content from my mobile phone or tablet?

Customers who have made a purchase will be able to access content on the My Learning mobile app which can be found in the Apple IoS store or Google Play store.

To do this, login to your e-learning, click the circle with your initials in the top right of the webpage and click Apps.

You can then follow the instructions to download your app.

After downloading the app, you can find your unique passcode on your profile page on your mobile device. This code will allow you to access content from one device at a time.

If you want to switch devices, you will need to return to your profile page and insert the updated code.

See below for comprehensive instruction guides:

Install My Learning App for iOS

Install My Learning App for Android

How do I access content offline?

You can download mobile-accessible content to your phone or tablet by following the instructions above and downloading content to your device.

What if I’ve forgot my username or password?

Follow the instructions on the IET login page:

Completing e-learning

How do I find the content I have bought?

All of your content will be listed on your homepage at You can also use the search box on the homepage too. 

What is the difference between Learning Resources, Units and Courses?

Learning resources are individual learning items (a video, an e-learning course, etc.).

Units represent a collection of relevant resources.

A Course is an integrated collection of Units.

What types of learning resources are available within The IET Academy?

There are many types of content available on our platform to suit any learning style. The types of content available include:

  • Interactive e-learning modules
  • Videos that summarize or illustrate a concept
  • Reading documents that go further in-depth on a topic
  • Formative assessments that re-enforce your learning
  • Summative assessments that check your understanding
How do I find my IET Academy learning history?

Your learning history is recorded under the My activity tab on the learning platform. Under My recent online learning resources, you will find all of your in progress and completed online learning resources. The resources will be ordered by what you have most recently accessed.

How can I access a specific resource time and time again?

You can save content to your favourites by clicking on the box add to favourites located on the lower left hand corner below your learning resource.

The resource can then be found under My favourites in the My activity tab

How do I ask for support?

Click Contact Support on at the top right of your homepage.

What are the minimum configuration settings?


Sound card

Activated (headphones are required for most content)


2 GB (4GB preferred, depending on the OS)

Screen resolution


Windows operating system

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 (Desktop mode only, Tablet mode is not supported for now)

Apple operating system

Mac OSX (10.4)

Internet Explorer

8, 9, 10, 11, latest version

Microsoft Edge

latest version


latest version


latest version


latest version


latest version

Tested email readers

Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Lotus Notes 8.5, Gmail, Outlook 365


Only "Medium and High" ciphers are allowed (HIGH:MEDIUM:!ADH). TLSv1.x protocols are supported.

Popup blocker for your URL



My screen is taking too long to load

If you should experience an excessive loading time, please try refreshing the current page. Alternatively, this maybe a bandwidth issue. Please try another Wi-Fi connection or try loading the content at another time of day.

If this should not solve the issue, please contact Support by clicking Contact Support at the top right of your homepage.

I can't seem to view the e-learning modules or videos.

If the learning resources do not appear, please check that you have your pop-up blocker disabled.

If the problem persists, please contact Support by clicking Contact Support at the top right of your homepage.

I don't hear any sound from the e-learning modules or videos.

If the learning resources are displayed, but no sound is heard, please check first whether your audio device is correctly connected and, if applicable, that the required driver software is present on the appliance.

If the aforementioned elements are present and the sound is still not heard, check whether your browser is Flash-enabled.

Which formats are allowed on the learning environment?

The learning environment supports following formats: Media: .FLV, .mp3, .mp4, documents and all office extensions.

How do I find my certificates?

On completion of each unit/course, you will automatically be awarded an IET Academy course or unit certificate, which demonstrates your successful completion of the course or unit. 

The certificates you have obtained can be downloaded at any time from the login page by clicking My Activity then My Certificates.

You can print all of your certificates by opening each certificate and choosing Print.

My e-learning modules aren't opening/displaying correctly.

Ensure that your browser is set to full screen and that you have pop-up blockers disabled.

For more help, click Contact Support at the top right of your homepage.