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Getting To Grips With Emergency Lighting Unit 4: Ensuring Integrity and Considering Risk

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1 Hour
Unit overview

In addition to being designed with integrity, an emergency lighting scheme also needs to be installed and maintained to allow that integrity to continue to manifest. Reflecting on the legacy of the Grenfell Tower disaster and new requirements emerging as a result, this unit explores the importance of maintaining integrity and the risks of, and penalties for, introducing non-compliance. It also discusses the need for competent design, installation, and maintenance, encouraging learners to continue to learn about emergency lighting so that they can ensure that it is dealt with safely and effectively

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Level Technical
Partner Details In the world of training, education, and development, it is surprisingly rare to find a mix of educational, content, and technical expertise within one organisation. Light Unwrapped is a unique organisation founded just over twelve months ago to bring together five highly respected individuals, each with their own specialism. This group of independents was initially brought together to help the Lighting Industry Association tackle a long-term industry problem – the lack of recognised quality learning, formal qualifications, and clear development paths for those working within lighting. For any sector, this issue would be challenging, but with massive changes in lighting technology emerging this was a particular threat at an exciting time for both manufacturers and those working with lighting products. As a result, Light Unwrapped supported the creation of a Lighting Academy, providing training in technical skills and underpinning knowledge specific to lighting engineers and designers. Over a number of years, the Light Unwrapped team has been key in developing and delivering much of the Academy’s training portfolio. This has included building the case for the LIA to be accepted as partners with the University of South Wales to develop and deliver the first formally recognised qualifications in lighting at levels 4 and 5. While working together the Light Unwrapped team recognised a passion for creating the very best learning and development. A shared vision to empower a breadth of different professions to realise the very best from exciting new technology and products, whether the need is for saving energy, safety, convenience, wellbeing, or aesthetic lit environments. Those who are working with the exciting new lighting products are a much more diverse group and need greater understanding not just of the lit environment, but the technology, products and lighting schemes that they may be called upon to install, replace, specify or supply. The team at Light Unwrapped are well placed to take on that challenge through all types of learning interventions, including using their specialist background and knowledge to develop a portfolio of blended learning experiences that can offer the highest quality of learning needed in the current challenging times, and in the future.
Type Unit
What you will learn
By the end of this unit, you will be able to:

• Explain why it is important to maintain integrity in emergency lighting
• Explain the penalties for introducing non-compliance
• Explain the importance of competent design, installation and maintenance
• Identify what further learning you may require to deal with emergency lighting safely and effectively
Who should learn
Those working in any capacity that requires an understanding of emergency lighting in built environments and particularly those that are duty holders in areas such as:
• Electrical installation and maintenance
• Building management, project management and maintenance
• Development, design, specification, and procurement