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Entrepreneurial Skills for Engineers

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Entrepreneurial Skills for Engineers Unit 1: Introduction   + £0.00
Entrepreneurial Skills for Engineers Unit 2: Ideation and creativity   + £0.00
Entrepreneurial Skills for Engineers Unit 3: Leveraging research and development   + £0.00
Entrepreneurial Skills for Engineers Unit 4: Product design   + £0.00
Entrepreneurial Skills for Engineers Unit 5: Entrepreneurial finance   + £0.00
Entrepreneurial Skills for Engineers Unit 6: Capturing market needs   + £0.00
Entrepreneurial Skills for Engineers Unit 7: Managing innovation projects   + £0.00
Entrepreneurial Skills for Engineers Unit 8: Leading the team   + £0.00
Entrepreneurial Skills for Engineers Unit 9: Strategic business development   + £0.00
Entrepreneurial Skills for Engineers Unit 10: Driving continuous improvement into your business   + £0.00
Entrepreneurial Skills for Engineers Unit 11: Final Assessment   + £0.00

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Entrepreneurial Skills for Engineers

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In stock

11 Hours
Course overview

Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to become more innovative and entrepreneurial – by creatively developing ideas and designs; harnessing research and technology; developing successful business, marketing and financial strategies; leading winning teams; and managing innovation projects and driving improvements.

How can engineers be successful in knowledge-driven organisations and tackle the challenges and opportunities arising today? How can they build on their technical foundations and numerical skills by becoming more enterprising? This course will equip engineers with the skills and knowledge to creatively develop an idea from concept through to a new product or service and become entrepreneurial (or even intrapreneurial) through developing and managing a business.

Throughout the course we will explore the various tools, techniques and approaches that engineers can use as part of the entrepreneurial journey – to develop innovative ideas through to new products and businesses. 

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This course is authored by the Nathu Puri Institute (NPI) for Engineering and Enterprise, which was established in 2011 at London South Bank University (LSBU). The Institute conducts research and shares its findings on integrated approaches to engineering education, with the aim of fostering confidence and enterprise in learning and practice. This course was written by the Director of the Institute, Professor Simon Philbin, along with Thomas Empson, Robin Jones, Paul Mansell, Mausam Gaurav and Pavan Kumar Sala.

Type Course
What you will learn
By the end of this course, you will:

• Understand the process of developing an idea and using creative approaches.
• Understand how research and development can be managed as well as product design as part of the innovation process.
• Understand entrepreneurial finances, marketing and business development strategies.
• Understand how to manage teams and drive continuous improvements into your business.
Who should learn
Who will find this course useful? Typically what role will they work in, job title, specialism, seniority level:
Engineers with an interest in innovation and entrepreneurship. Engineers looking to develop new products and services, or setting up a new business area or a new start-up company. Engineers working in large companies as well as entrepreneurial engineers who are looking to set up or have already set up a new company.

Job titles include:
• Engineer (mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, industrial engineer, chemical engineer, etc.)
• Project engineer
• Design engineer
• Process engineer
• Quality engineer
• Project manager, programme manager
• Product designer, product manager
• Product design engineer
• Project control engineer
• Business manager
• Commercial manager
Units included in this course