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Decarbonised Electrified Heat Unit 3: Electrical Supply Considerations

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1 Hour
Unit overview

This unit considers the impacts and requirements upon the electrical supply for electrified heating. Topics such as future demands, available grid capacity, generation types and smart grids are considered. Demand management techniques for electrified heat are also explored. We will also discuss how PV and electric vehicle charging can have an impact upon electrified heating.

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BSSEC, Building Services Sustainability & Environmental Consultancy, is in the business of helping commercial organisations become more energy efficient. BSSEC was founded by current Executive Chairman Paul Bennett in 2005. Paul started his career as an electricians apprentice and has worked up to become an Executive Chairman of international businesses. Paul is a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Director with 30 years’ experience in electrical and mechanical building engineering design, contracting, maintenance and operation. Paul’s specialisms include management, company direction, energy efficiency and renewable infrastructures. Paul acts as an ambassador to the Institute of Directors and is a member of the IET. In 2016 Paul was awarded the Institute of Directors' “New Chartered Director” title and is a fellow of the IoD

Type Unit
What you will learn
By the end of this unit, you will:

• Understand how larger electrical supplies to buildings are needed when electrified heat is installed.
• Understand the role of smart grids and what impact they have on electrified heat.
• Understand how demand management and flexibility apply to electrified heat.
• Understand the impact of photovoltaics and electric vehicle charging on electrified heat.
Who should learn
This course is suitable for those engaged in the planning, development, design, construction, operation of buildings or their refurbishment.