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An Introduction to SysML (The Systems Modelling Language)

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An Introduction to SysML (The Systems Modelling Language)

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In stock

6 Hours
Course overview
The Systems Modelling Language (SysML) has become the de facto modelling language for systems engineering and for implementing model-based systems engineering (MBSE) in industry. This course provides an introduction to the world of modelling and, in particular, shows how SysML can help with all aspects of a system model. All prices shown are exclusive of VAT which will be added at checkout.
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Jon Holt

Jon Holt is an internationally recognised expert in the field of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). He is an international award-winning author and public speaker and has authored 16 books on MBSE and its applications. Since 2014 he has been a Director and consultant for Scarecrow Consultants, who are ‘outstanding in the field of MBSE’.

Jon is also a Professor of Systems Engineering at Cranfield University, where he is involved with teaching of and research into MBSE. He is a Fellow of both the IET and the BCS and is a Chartered Engineer and Chartered IT Professional. He is currently the Technical Director of INCOSE UK where he is responsible for all technical activities and, in 2015, was identified as one of the 25 most-influential systems engineers in the last 25 years by INCOSE.

Jon is also actively involved in the promotion of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) where he uses magic, mind-reading and occasional escapology to promote Systems Engineering at Science Festivals, the IET Pythagorean Cabaret, radio shows and other STEM events. He has recently authored the children’s STEM book ‘Think Engineer’ which is published by INCOSE UK.

Simon Perry

Simon Perry holds Bachelor of Science degrees from both the University of Leeds and the Open University. Since gaining his degree in Mathematics in 1986 he has spent 30 years working in all aspects of software and systems engineering. Since 2014 he has been a Director and consultant for Scarecrow Consultants, who are ‘outstanding in the field of MBSE’.

Simon works in industry, government and academia and has applied his work across many disciplines in a wide range of industries including defence, the nuclear industry, timber engineering, finance, train manufacture and automotive. He is a Member of the IET and INCOSE and leads the Patterns work stream of INCOSE UK’s MBSE Working Group.

Simon often speaks at systems engineering conferences and is the author of 11 books on systems engineering and related topics. Such public-speaking events, writing of books and the delivery and facilitation of courses and workshops, have given Simon great experience in communicating technical concepts to non-domain experts and to non-technical audiences.

Type Course
What you will learn
• What Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is (and isn’t!)
• The place of the SysML in MBSE
• How an organisation’s MBSE maturity typically evolves and when and how using SysML can help that
• The fundamental concepts of modelling, covering why, when, where, how and what should be modelled, along with how using SysML can help with modelling
• The two fundamental aspects of any model – structure & behaviour
• How SysML can be used to address these two aspects.
• What each of the nine SysML diagrams can be used for and how the diagrams relate
• The notation and syntax for these nine diagrams, with an emphasis on consistency between diagrams
Who should learn
The course is aimed at, but not limited to Engineers, Scientists and Managers who deal with modelling and SysML models in their working lives.
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