About the IET Academy

The IET Academy provides in-depth e-learning for engineers.

What is the IET Academy?

The Academy is the IET’s dedicated e-learning platform. It provides in-depth training across a variety of technical engineering and professional development topics, through fully online courses that can be accessed at any time.

Why choose e-learning?

  • Make your training fit your schedule – fit course modules around your day with flexible access to course content when it suits you best, via your desktop or our handy mobile app.
  • Learn effectively – with rich multimedia and interactive content designed to work for a range of different learning styles, you can be assured that the training will meet your needs.
  • Gain confidence in your expertise – with proven understanding of the course content, through mini tests throughout courses and a final assessment to ensure you have fully embedded your learning.
  • Save time and travel costs – you are not tied to a specific time and don’t face commuting challenges, as e-learning can be undertaken from home, the office, or anywhere you choose!
  • Personalise your training to meet your needs and save money – with each course unit available separately, you can pick and choose units that will benefit you the most, if a full course isn’t relevant. Mix units and full courses as you go to make the most of your training.
  • Control the pace of your learning – as courses are not tutor-led, you control the pace at which you move through the units.

Why choose the IET Academy?

  • Learn from the best – we don’t partner with generic training developers; instead, each of our content partners are selected for their knowledge and expertise in their fields, providing the highest quality training in each topic area. Our qualification-based courses are also endorsed by City & Guilds.
  • Easy to use – our courses sit on the award-winning Cross Knowledge learning management system (LMS), which provides user-friendly training software, so you don’t need any technical expertise to get the most out of your training.
  • Boost your CV – each of our courses and units comes with a certificate of completion that you can add to your LinkedIn profile, use as proof of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD), or show current or future employers to prove your knowledge.

Benefits for your organisation

Implementing e-learning for your company provides a flexible and scalable training solution that saves costs and minimises business disruption.  See our ‘For Business’ page for more details on how we can meet your organisation’s training needs.

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Whether you need to bring your skills up to date in a specific topic, or are seeking a cost-effective and trusted training solution for your team or company, the IET Academy offers expert engineering e-learning across a broad range of disciplines.

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The IET Academy is committed to providing accessible e-learning for all. If you are hearing-impaired, please contact us for a full audio transcript of the course/unit you have purchased.

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